This Needs Repair

My head is aching ¬†terribly last night. This always triggers when I’m on my laptop while watching TV. I know the radiation from my laptop is so strong that when I stayed with it for long hours, headache strikes.

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I bought an eyeglass before but it was busted. Actually it was my friend who bought this eyeglass for me and I just paid for it when I had the budget already. But because I was using it every night at work, it was busted all so sudden. It has been a while that it just stock at home and my headache reminds me of it last night.

Since there is no Kumon today, I am free to go to the mall not tagging Faith at all. I mean I could concentrate on things I need to do, like having my eyeglass repair, grocery shopping, going to music studio to inquire for the enrollment, and oh I have to pay for the workshops. It is not that I could not do all these things if Faith is with me, it is just I would spend more if she is with me. You know kids when they are in the mall, they feel like it is there time to ask and demand. Faith would understand if I say no but the thing is I could not say no to her when I know that it is not oftentimes that we are together in the mall. And besides, we already have our “us” time last week, she already went to fun maze and ate in her favorite fast food. Today, I need to take care of my budget if I want those things to be accomplish it’s for them anyway.

I can’t wait for my eyeglass to be fixed.

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