So Hectic

I thought I could no longer attend our bonding together with my friends. It is already 3 in the afternoon and I was still in Tagum. We just arrived from Comval and we have to stop to ride another bus, I and my workmates agreed to go to the mall to have some lunch. Right after we arrived, we hailed a tricycle going to the mall, my workmates had to withdraw some money first. Everyone gather right away in KFC, the restaurant is still crowded even though it is passed 12 noon already. It took a while for us to order. I messaged my friend if we can postpone the bonding time, I suggested instead of 5 p.m. it would be best for me if we can move it to 6 p.m., my friend called me right away to tell me it is okay.

I messaged our other friend would also attend the bonding  that the dinner will be move from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m., so I can still send my workmate and daughter to home. When we arrived in Davao, in the mall where I left the car overnight. I drove the car right away to home, after I got home and after I pulled all the baggage to be put inside the house. I drove again to meet them. I have no sleep and so I was not that hyper when I met them and mind you I have to go to the bathroom to refresh as I just arrived from our trip.

After dinner, my friend invited us for Videoke, I went with them but I just stayed for 2 hours and I went home. I can’t help it anymore, my eyes will just shut down any minute and I am driving. I already drank 2 cups of coffee but it didn’t work at all. On the other hand, I said goodbye to them, we will just set another meeting with my other friend who were not able to attend the gathering.

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