Review: Large Christmas Ornaments

If you are like me, you like to go all out for Christmas. You’re thinking about the holiday all year long, stashing away special gifts, envisioning how you are going to pull out all of the stops for your next decorating frenzy. The countdown has already begin before you will be bringing in the yuletide spirit in your home and Holiday Lights and Magic Inc. is here to help with large christmas ornaments that are larger than life.

Go Big or Go Home

If you really want your ornaments to make a statement, you’ll have to go big. We’re talking ornaments that are two feet tall! Whether you want a large candlestick, a giant, Christmas ball, or a snowflake that puts all the others to shame, you’ll find a broad assortment at Holiday Lights and Magic Inc. that is sure to fit your needs. Super-size ornaments are especially effective when you are focusing on the exterior decorating for your home at Christmas time. If you like to focus on your lawn and want to give the neighbors a show, you’ve come to the right place.

Light Up Your Home Inside and Out

If you love ball ornaments that light up, you can find a string of multi-colored ornaments that are as large as 16″ and they are illuminated. Picture them strung up across the ceiling or in the rafters. You can really let your creativity flow as you take your pick of large decorations. Large, toy soldiers can march across your lawn or you can go with an assortment of rocking horses that are 21″ tall.

Scatter Holiday Accents Everywhere

Holiday Lights and Magic Inc. is at the ready when you need ornaments that are going to make people really take notice. You’ll love the assortment of ornament clusters in an array of colors, perfect for hanging above your doorways. A red Windsor lantern is the perfect accessory for your light post and will definitely turn heads at 38″ or 46″. Don’t forget the candy canes. At 44″, you can line your walkway or lawn with peppermint sticks that remind everyone that it is the most magical time of the year. Whether you love finials, stars, bells, or bows, you can find large decorations that will truly make a splash the next time you are getting into the Christmas spirit at home.

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