No Matter The Gender Is

I never had a male friend before, in my entire life I never got close to anyone. I mean I have male friends but they were the boyfriend of my girl-friends and when we go out, it is always with a group until now. Let me get this straight he is just a friend, he even has a steady relationship and I am happily married or at least I am married. This friendship or closeness or at least that I should call it started when he asked if he can ride in my car since his home is on the way. I wanna say no, I mean a guy inside my car, I mean I just don’t like the idea. I said yes because, anyway I have another girl friend with me at that time.

But last February, our workmate resigned so obviously I and him oh well sleeping, yeah he always fall asleep while traveling  will just be alone in the car. I was not comfortable at first but I just got rid the feeling, not because of something but as I mentioned I am not used to being close to any guys before. But since I wanted to help with his transportation expenses, I said okay I mean there is nothing wrong to help.

So as the days rolled by, we became close, we were able to talk anything in between and somehow he is just the same with my other girl friends,  I was thinking, if the intention of just being a friend is true, on the way things will just remain friend. I realized that no matter who you are close with even if it is a boy or a girl when the friendship is genuine, you cannot put any color with it even if everyone is thinking the other way around because the trust is there that even how close you will get, it will remain just a friend.


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