Laziness Strike

I tried working out on my own but there are times that laziness just strike and you can’t do anything but to continue to sleep. With my work, sleep is a must so you won’t be so sleepy when you are at work taking calls. I’ve tried to at least flatten my belly, I tried doing it before I go back to sleep at night, oh well I’ve only done for a few days and then went to hiatus again.

I am envy with my eldest daughter because she has this drive to jog at night. I thought she can only do it one time and then stop again but it is already two days now that she jogged together with her sister. And she said she will try to do it every night.

The other day I went to the gym to inquire, I am interested but my friend who also want to lose weight said that the fee is a bit high. We need to try to inquire to other gym. We were talking about playing badminton but let’s see. I hope at least before the school starts I already started going back to the gym I guess with instructor this time so I will be determine to do it and finish the session.

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