Bought The Magazine Again

No one can stop my fan girling because earlier today after work we went to the magazine shop to buy the cover of my favorite celebrity. Of course if you are one of my followers, it’s no secret at all that I adored Nadine Lustre so much. It is not because she is a simply a celebrity or she is famous now but because of her being so simple inside and out and her being a family oriented, a loving daughter and a responsible one. I just wish her all the best.

On the other hand, good thing the magazine is already available in the magazine shop that I always went to just to inquire if they already have stocks. Last week, I went out from that shop, weary because they don’t have one yet but today, my smile gets so wide because they have a lot in the stall and without any further ado I picked up one and pay for it. For now I haven’t read it yet since I need to sleep, I lacked of sleep yesterday so before I would be indulge reading their article. I slept first.

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