Beach Wear Tomorrow, Yes I Will

I supposed to go out today after the car is sent back here at home. But it rained and I am not yet done updating my blogs. Yes, I am so much back to blogging, not only with updates but with blog hopping as well.

I need to go to the bank, but what time it is now? The bank will close at 4 pm. Oh my GOD it rained too, I am sure the road is wet. Oh well what do you expect, right? Of course it rained, duh???

I have to buy some mineral water and can goods for donation. But how can I? I am still here trying to do my blog chores. Oh well, blame it to my Internet Service Provider because they cut off my service yesterday and so I just spent my night off sleeping.

One last thing I supposed to do today is to buy some beach stuffs, like pair of shorts and tops since we are going for team building next week and I don’t have new things to wear yet. Most of my beach wear is too old already, been wearing it for so many times. I need something new, tomorrow yes tomorrow I will!

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