How I Learned to Show Appreciation on My Limited Budget

I’ve been speaking with my coworkers recently about how we rely so heavily on our friends and family during busy times, however, due our own budget constraints aren’t always able to truly show our appreciation. Considering myself quite savvy, I was able to share with them some ideas I use when I want to say “thank you” on a budget, and thought, why not share with you.

Growing up I quickly learned that it truly was the thought that counts, and this is a motto that I’ve carried with me throughout my life and try to share with my friends. When it comes time for me to show my appreciation, I give thought to what my friends really need. My friend Alice has been a big help to me lately, which got me thinking about the kind of help she would love to have. With two kids and another one on the way, I noticed that she in a bit of a temporary spot having trouble collecting one of her kids from band rehearsal last month. With a quick rearrange of my schedule, I took over the duty and made sure her daughter got home safely. Costing only my time, Alice was almost in tears with the relief of knowing her daughter wouldn’t have to miss out on rehearsal purely because she was in a temporary spot.

You see, Alice didn’t need gifts, she just needed a little bit of friendly help, which was the perfect way to show my appreciation for all of the help she gave me in a mutual way.

When it comes to my Husband, however, I like to make my appreciation a little more tangible. Personally, I like to think about silly anniversaries that we can celebrate together. The perfect example happened just last month where I wanted to say thank you, and, true to my form, realized it was three months since he took me on our first camping trip. Never one to let such an occasion fly past, I took advantage of the Personal Creations’ Groupon Coupons page and personalized a small pocket knife with his initials.

Wrapped in some blue (his favorite color) tissue paper with a small card noting the occasion, he was all smiles.

Showing a special someone or a close friend that you appreciate them doesn’t cost a lot of money, it just costs a little bit of thought and your time. The next time that you feel like you have relied heavily on somebody, repay the gift with genuine thought.

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