She Will Understand

It has been that I haven’t seen my eldest daughter not mixing up music. Yeah, one of her hobby before is to mix some lively music and put into one. Thanks for the apps or whatever it is that she downloaded in the computer that she was able to do the things she needed to do with her music. She was even paid one time, when her classmate asked her to mix some hip hop music. But now, I didn’t notice her doing that at all, she told me one time that she needed to level up, I was dumbfounded of what she is trying to say to me. I just found out recently that she needs music equipment, a mixer a presonus studiolive 16.4.2. She said it will help her, combining and mixing up some songs. The sounds quality is very impressive.  I checked the price of kind of mixer, and I was surprised. If I will have to insist we will be out of budget. Maybe next time, I just have to explain it to her I know she will understand.

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