I Sucked!

It is summer; kids are at home waiting for me from work. But I feel like I sucked, when I got home I just hit the bed and sleep and I feel like hopeless. When I got up last night to prepare for work, I glance at my kids and I feel like I terribly miss them.

But I have to move, I need to work otherwise I won’t earn enough to pay some bills. Don’t get me wrong my husband still sent me to pay some other bills. But when you are working, you feel the urge to pay and spend your salary to whatever bill that you have at home. And I feel like it is not even enough.

My time for them was never enough; I need more time to work and needed more time for them. I lost track, I feel like I am lost. I hope they will never get lost and will be guided. Even if I am not there on their side always, I hope everything will be working fine. I am scared, I am afraid and I miss them!

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