She Will Shine More

I think you are already aware that I am so much with this celebrity. I am already a fan on her first movie Diary ng Panget, it went stronger when they first air their RomCom series On The Wings of Love. I am a mother of two but I couldn’t liking her. I adore her simplicity and her being family oriented. I always tell my teenager daughter about her, my daughter even jokingly told me that maybe she was my younger sister on a different life because this is my first time to be so serious of becoming a fan. I always followed all her interviews and even buy magazines in which she is on the cover. I first bought Star Studio Magazine last month

 photo 12347583_10207673734577507_3203758295549907407_n_zpsg68qxg4j.jpg

I also bought their On The Wings Scrapbook, which I will feature on my other blog. See how I addicted with her? Oh well so much. Whenever I see her on TV, it feels like I am younger than my age, she brings me good vibes even at work. I would always sing their song “On the wings of Love”. I wanted to quit working but she inspires me to work, yeah she is so workaholic and ┬áher family inspires her of what she is doing right now.

Here’s the magazine I just bought this month, which of course Nadine Lustre is the cover.

 photo 12495160_10207886318331968_6949846521911187024_n_zps5viw6cgq.jpg

She will shine more this year. I know she will.

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