From Last December To March

In my previous post, I mentioned that I may have to resign from work but how can I; since every month I spent beyond my usual budget. And it started last December, obviously it was Christmas and New Year so I have to spend more because of the celebration, gifts and all of that stuff and oh I should not forget the car expenses.

If you think this January, I can rest from spending more, you are wrong because I have to spend to have our tiles at home repair. And not only that I bought new tiles in replace to those tiles that got cracked. I thought I can only spend about P10, 000 .00 but nope it was more than that. On the other hand, I just compliment myself; at least I’ve done something good to our house. One project was finally accomplished.

Mj’s birthday was celebrated yesterday and I have to spend my salary for that plus Faith’s tuition fee is waiting. Oh well the party went good, we have more foods left in the freezer. Is it a compliment, I am trying to convince myself it is!

February is fast approaching; yesterday I went to Gigz Unlimited to make reservation for Faith’s birthday. This is another expense, good thing I have some task to do here that I can use for her birthday. Hopefully I will spend within the budget.

March uh uh it is my niece Graduation in college. At last, you can imagine how excited I am but not with the expenses that I will incur on the day she will graduate. I’ve already paid the solicitation for their graduation; she decided not to distribute the solicitation because it is too late already. The deadline is just a week so it’s going to useless if she will have to distribute those.

April, hopefully I can already file a resignation so I will start doing home base job.

I have a roller coaster ride with being a career Mom and not all of them is fun, there are times that I really want to give up but if I will give up now. What will happen to them? Where will I get more funds to support them. I know I am nearly giving up but I know I still have more strength to fight! So fight, fight, fight!

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