I Am Tired

This morning after work, I went to Pag Ibig right away to pay the monthly fee in our house in Ph. 1 but geez I need to wait for an hour or two because they were offline and if I won’t pay on that day, I am sure I don’t have time anymore to pay. I went home at 2:30 in the afternoon, I only have 1 hour of sleep because I need to go to Faith school to fetch her. Mj is on training, so when I got home, I have to cook dinner for us. I am so tired and yet I have to work around, I need to sleep but I don’t have time to sleep. I am already complaining of this to my husband but he seems like it is okay for him at all. I am waiting for him to suggest for me to resign but I didn’t hear him said that word. God please give me enough strength I really need it.

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