Hair Rebond Finally

Finally I was able to have a hair day last month. Supposedly, I was only making a canvass if how much really their hair rebond, since I noticed that their ads outside their saloon says it was only P500.00 for any length of hair. Actually that was the 2nd saloon I went to that day, after I sent Faith at school. The first saloon I went to said their hair rebond is up to P1,500.00, it is indeed expensive for me.

Good thing, I noticed this newly opened saloon, and their ads caught me because it was only P500.00 When I went inside, I asked about it. The staff said, yes it is true but they are using cheap brands, I asked about their other brand, it is really proven that it has a name. But it cost me about P1,500.00. I said no since I really don’t have budget for P1,500.00. The owner haggle said, for me she will give it P1,200.00 I still said not, until she reaches P1,000.00 with hair cellophane and color and so I said yes.

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