What Ladies Are Thinking?

What ladies are thinking when they are fitting in their eyed swimsuit?

I am not actually a fashion guru but sometimes research can make me enlightened for those things that I thought will never exist. What do you think when you are inside the four corners in the fitting room.  Well most of us think or hope that the lights are not that bright in the fitting so we could not see the reality of our bumps or to at least be a fair model in front of the camera.

We also thought, when we are already in front of the mirror, to trim down or might think to go to the gym after. We also wonder who tried the swim suit on before you, oh well just make sure that there is still a protective hygiene when you want try it on.

One piece can be more justifiable than bikinis. Oh well if you have the figure then go ahead and flaunt it. But if you have something to hide, go and pick one piece or short and top instead.

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