Wearing Flats And Still Looks Gorgeous

Wearing flats should not look boring after all, you just have to know what’s trending and what’s not. Matched it with something that looks exciting.

Tea length dresses can be match with a strap flat sandals.

Summery shoes can be match with below the knee jeans and a top, so it won’t look like you are heading to the beach.

Mary Jean shoes can be wear by mens wear inspired pieces so you won’t look like juvenile in wearing that kind of flats.

Sneaker can be wear with jumpsuit, it would look so cool and if you are already in the mid 30’s wearing sneaker can get you look young.

Loafer flat shoes is best to wear in the office, now this gives me an idea.

Ballet flats can be wear so classy if you match it with a dress, orĀ fit and flare skirt. Just show a little skin so you won’t look so dowdy.

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