Buying Stuff Here And There

Geez, I thought I could save some money today but guess what? I wasn’t able to do that even a single cent. No money that was saved up from the earning that I have in my blog and for my salary as well. It was drained and used up. Oh well, it is June and expect the continuous shop here and there. And nah, it is not for me or buying unnecessary things but my money was spent to school supplies, shoes and bags for my kids. For Mj she did not ask for a new bag since she just have a new one just this year when her Ninang went home from abroad. Thanks Ninang. Mj is using and enjoying the Jansport that you gave her as a gift this year.

Plus, my niece celebrated her birthday and I treat her for lunch. She and my sister, we went to TGIF to have lunch, I also treat her nail polish at the Nailaholics and speaking of it, it is so posh but very expensive. Now I regretted to invite my niece to that shop, it drained my salary for just a day. I couldn’t wait to have this month over though, simply because I am waiting for the next salary so I could pay some of our bills. Hopefully.

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