Conceal It

I will be working (again) soon and so I need to figure out which one should I wear and should not. I am not a fashion expert, whatever available in my closet then that’s it. I never realize that sometimes we need to at least DIY tips or help so we can flaunt ourselves to the world with the clothes that we are wearing.

Conceal your bra!

Do you need to conceal the strap of your bra to the strap of your dress perhaps? Well there are bras that would not align to dresses strap. So here’s the tip, get a press studs and small strips of fabric. (5cm length)

Stitched the stud into each end of the fabric, stitched half of the strip onto the inside of the strap of the dress, and conceal your bra to it. You will be amazed because the fabric would help the strap of your bra to stick to the strap of your blouse or dress.

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