Back To Corporate Attire

I just started my training last Monday; yes I am a career woman again. I mean this is it; I am driven to work and would like to spend at least years for this company. It is not only with the good offer but also because I needed a job this time and since I gave up already my dream to at least step my foot abroad, this is it for me. I know it is already late, I mean there were many years that are wasted because of expecting to go out in another country I hope I still can.

I am actually struggling to learn, I can’t seem to find words for empathy however I have to do this. Our corporate attire is really corporate, I mean we need to wear slacks and collared blouse if not we need to wear a blazer.

I am actually excited for this, but I just hope that while I enjoy going to work, I have no one to left behind. I mean my kids; I hope I can still bond with them.

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