Romantic Hairstyles This Valentines Day

So you have a date on Valentine’s Day yet you don’t know how to fix your hair? I mean you know straight hair can be already boring while curly hair is like you are over doing it oh well there are hairstyles can look romantic when you go out on a date. Just like:

Nearly undone knot, it is like wispy framing curls can give you fresh and relax feeling. You would not be too obvious that you are already overly stressed preparing this day. With that look, your date would not notice it however you will feel calm and sexy.

So how will you do it?

Create a side part using your finger; since the part is not super defined it will give the eyes to travel to the face first. You may need a curling iron this time because you have to tease the crown then smooth the top layer over with a comb. You can gather hair at the nape and secure it with elastic.  Tease the ponytail a little bit and put a hairspray make sure it is non-sticky.

More tips here:

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