Chris Brown’s On-Again, Off-Again Girlfriend Karrueche is in His Newest Music Video

If you’re interested in entertainment news, then you’ve likely heard about the love triangle of Chris Brown, Rihanna, and Karrueche Tran. Brown and Tran have been on-again, off-again for several months and their latest romantic status always seems to make the headlines. The newest update is that Tran is starring in Brown’s music video for “Autumn Leaves.” For entertainment-lovers, this is the perfect time to see the real-life couple in action… are they acting or aren’t they? You decide.

The single “Autumn Leaves” is off of Brown’s 2014 album “X.” Brown’s real-life leading lady is also his leading lady in the music video, which may leave some fans scratching their heads – are they dating again? Either way, the video has a cool samurai-meets-”Star Wars” theme. Brown’s samurai warrior has fallen in love with Tran’s character (who happens to be wearing Princess Leia-esque buns). Though the two characters don’t interact much throughout the video, they do wind up coming together in the end. As of now, it’s unclear if the music video is about Brown’s actual up and down relationship with Tran, but the lyrics seem to signify that it is.

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