Keeping Your Golf Carts In Prime Condition

One of the main attractions to any golf course is that of the cart itself. Most people prefer to drive around the course and would rather do so in comfort. It’s never good business should a cart fail somewhere in the middle of the course forcing the patron to walk the rest of the way. In fact, some golfers could become downright irate should something like this happen.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your golf carts should be a primary concern for your maintenance staff. This could require extensive testing and cleaning of the vehicle in order to ensure it remains in prime condition. Using websites such as can help you keep those carts in working order by suppling your staff with the parts they need for repairs.

Why You Should Hold Extra Parts

Not every golf course holds repair parts for broken down carts. However, doing so can help your staff keep those carts on the course rather than sitting and waiting for parts to be shipped in. During the high points of the golfing season, your course may need every cart available as people come expecting a certain level of professionalism and comfort. If your facility doesn’t have enough vehicles for everyone, it could be bad for business.

Although golf carts can be incredibly resilient considering the usage these vehicles are put through, breakdowns are inevitable. Make sure your staff keeps a maintenance routine for carts in order to keep them on the course and out of the garage.

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