They Reminded Me Of Them

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Just like last year some of my niece friends in high school went to the house to celebrate Christmas with us. They don’t arrive like 12 midnight but at least passed 12 in the morning, they are here and mostly they spent the whole night here. They will get home at around 6 in the morning.

This Christmas two of them went here at past 1 in the morning. After eating, they went outside to chat and have fun, my daughter and I just stayed in the living room to sing karaoke. When we could not help to wide our eyes open, we call it a night right away.

The next day, one of Mariel’s classmates went here for a visit too, she is the girl in the picture with my niece, and their friendship lasted for many years already. It is her first time to visit the house; she was not able to visit the house that we rented before. How I wish to have a reunion with my high school friends, they reminded me of them.

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