A Great Way to Create a Spectacular Party

If you are planning to have a large party with several hundred guests, one way to create a memorable experience is to shower your party guests with confetti. This type of effect at a party is perfect for New Year’s Eve, but it can also be used to celebrate a marriage, a birthday or the return home of a loved one who has been away for a long time.

This type of confetti shower takes special equipment, but the skills needed to operate the equipment are easily learned. The confetti is launched from cannons that use compressed CO2 to launch the shredded paper over the heads of the crowd below. The effect is quite dramatic, and party goers, whether they are adults or children, will remember the moment for the rest of their lives.

These canons are easy to use, and they can be operated by remote control. This is a perfect setup. You will able to release the confetti shower at the exact moment of your choice. These canons can be used both outdoors and indoors, so you have many options as to how they can be integrated into your next party. Best of all, you do not need to invest a lot of money to use these canons because they are available as rentals.

Many of the companies that offer this type of rental equipment are the same companies that offer services for fireworks displays and pyrotechnic supplies. Sparktacular is one example of a company like this.

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