Shopped For A Color Blue Polo Shirt Today

Today I went to the car insurance to pay for the own damage and damage for other car insurance. After for a job well done today I went to the mall to roam around, and since I also planned to buy a blouse, I wander around for like 15 minutes to check which one has sale and the cheapest. I mean it is only once in a blue moon that I buy something for myself so I want it to be the best but the cheapest. I want it to have the quality but within the budget. You know how low is my finances this year that my niece already told me that when will come the time that we can dine in a fancy restaurant that we can try to dine in  a new restaurant or we can buy things that we want. 

Anyway, finally after roaming around for like 3 times in the mall, I was able to choose what kind of blouse that I would like to shop. It is a HerBench polo shirt. I choose the color blue because it is my favorite color, yet I wonder why I didn’t have that color in my closet except this time. LOL 

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