Applying Again For A Job

This morning I went out to submit my resume to my prospect company. I supposed to be with a friend but she is still in the province and I could not wait for more because tomorrow I will get very busy again sending and fetching back and forth. I have to get a job so I can sustain our daily expenses at home. I know it will be very difficult for me at the start since I am used to just being a stay at home, if only I have a choices then I will remain a stay at home but with my kids future is at stake I think this time I have  to do what I need to do.

They let me log to a website where I can send my resume to them online, it took me a while since I need to also take the Jela test. I have waited for like  2 hours for the interview. I was not able to send Faith to her therapy, I just texted the Kaakbay if we can have a make up class, thank GOD they approved. Mj wanted to swim but I got home late because of the traffic. On the other hand, yes after the interview they wanted me to go back tomorrow by the online training and another exam. I hope I can pass it.

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