Nicolae The Book 3

Just recently I watched a movie with a friend entitled Left Behind, I got interested with watching that movie because I already read it in the book. I expected it to be also nice when I watched it in the movie however it is too far from the book and I should say the book is better than the movie. On the other hand since I already read the first book and the second book, I tried my luck again to look for the third book because the last time I check for it, the book shop I went to does not have it on stock. And I love that shop because they sell cheaper books, unlike with National Bookstore everything is costly. Oh well they have the greatest fancy book and maybe the rental fee of their space is also expensive than of the book shop I always went to when I want to read a book. Anyway, maybe I got lucky that day because the book that I wanted to read is there and it is just waiting for anyone to pick it up. I bought it before my birthday and it is my one of the things that I also want to buy and now I have it.

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The story of this book contain about Nicolae, the tribulation force knew that Nicolae is the one sent to be the Anti-Christ. Mr. Steele became the private pilot of Nicolae and he became the eyes and ears for the tribulation force. The pastor died in the second book but they suspected it was planned.

Everything in the book thrilled me; you cannot even put down the book when you are starting to read it. I can’t wait to finish the book; I know something will happen in the end.

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