Sale In The Mall From October 17 to 19

I went to the mall today, I am so surprised that the gate 1 was closed I have to go further to reach the gate 2 upon entering the gate. I asked the guard about the gate 1 and the guard said that it was closed because the parking area is already full. And so I conclude, it has many shoppers today, I noticed the banner of the mall and it says that they have a mall wide sale from October 17, 18, and 19. I am sure if my eldest daughter was with me, she will not let the chance skip away, she would check if the guitars and accessories are on sale too. Oh well, I would suggest she should check the online for more accessories, I heard a lot about Musicians friend durability when it comes to music instrument and accessories. It is already proven and you can Learn more about us at, if you want to know more about accessories, cables and the likes.

Anyway, I called my friend to check if she inside the mall and she is! So we agreed to meet and eat, I planned to check some items like a pair of jeans but she invited me for ¬†lunch and since I already took my lunch I just ordered “Halo 2x” and because I forgot to take a picture, I don’t have some pictures of us. The mall is jam-packed with people and since I am in a hurry to fetch Faith I was not able to shop for my birthday. Sigh!

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