Planning To Watch A Movie Today

I learned that the “Left Behind” book authored by Tim Hayes will be in a movie. I have watched the trailer last week and the movie is showing since last week. We supposed to watch it last Saturday but I am so busy with Faith plus Mj had a recollection to attend to. So my friend called me and suggests a day and that day is today. I can’t skip this movie, not now I wanna know if the movie was able to justify the book. The book was very interesting; you can’t even put the book down when you start reading it. I actually finished the Book 2 and now I am looking forward to read for the 3rd book, however I am opt to cheap ones not the expensive so I am still looking.

I know I have to be thrifty and to save more so to use the funds for emergency. But sometimes since I can’t sleep anymore thinking about our problem, I think I needed a break, just for one hour at least I will forget our problem. I know this doesn’t solve our problem but if I ever skip watching this movie, I may regret it in the end and would always ask “what if”.

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