Because She Behaved

We just had a seminar in the Occupational Therapist today, they tackled about how to understand hyperactive sensitive and hypo sensitive kids. We had an interesting topic about their behavior and how to┬átreat┬áthem. I learned a lot today while Faith is having fun in the other room with her teachers. Right after Kaakbay we went to the mall, we had lunch and claimed the funds that my husband wired us to pay partial for the house. I decided to skipped the training in Tagum tomorrow since Faith was so behave in the bank, she just sat down in the chair and did not talk to anyone. I think the seminar that I had today was effective because I applied it to her right away. And since Faith was behaved I told her we will buy her a pair of shoes, a rubber shoes since the one that she had is very old already. She is so happy and delighted. When we were already looking for a nice rubber shoes, she had a special request to the attendant, she asked of a pair of shoes that will light when she will stump. She wants tiny lights but sad to say they don’t have that available; she can’t do anything but to choose the shoes that just light without those tiny lights she mentioned. Here’s her new pair of shoes.

 photo IMG_0077_zps65a4c3dc.jpg

The cute pink box

 photo IMG_0079_zpsa2d3e190.jpg

And the cute pink rubber shoes

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