Girls Bonding Moment

Its holiday today and it is unplanned that our friend Joyce and her kids will be staying at home overnight. Yesterday after the DAPRISA Swim Off in Green Heights. The kids of Joyce wanted to invite Mj to stay at their house overnight but I didn’t say yes so they asked me if they can go with us in our house. It would be better if they will stay with us overnight and besides this plan has been overdue. Yes ever since Arisa and Yuna want to have an overnight stay in our house. The kids had many plans to do since yesterday, they sang videoke, then they played guitar, the played games and then last night they watched a movie while I and their mom is in the living room watching also a comedy movie. Today, they went to the club house to swim, right after breakfast Mj tag them along in the club house. While me and their Mom still watched a movie “The Fault in our Stars” this time. I planned to go out today, but because of this rare opportunity to bond with them, I set my appointment aside. We had so much fun, the talks were like forever and I hope this would happen again.

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