We Will Have A Daughter Mother Bonding

It has been a while that I haven’t traveled. The last time was in Manila during the swimming competition of my eldest daughter and that was 3 years ago. When Mj got back to her training last year, we had a swimming competition out of town but the venue is only an hour drive. Tomorrow, at 2 in the morning my daughter and I will have an exciting trip in the bus, hoping though that I could be with her in the same bus and so I don’t have to spend money for my fare. My daughter has a free fare, since she is one of the delegates for Batang Pinoy. Too bad though because Faith can’t be with us, she have a foundation week to attend to and I have to thanks my sister Irenie for attending Faith. This only happens so rare that Mj and I will bond; I decided to go with her so at least she will know that even I am always defending Faith; I also cared and loved her. Because recently I noticed that she thinks I don’t care for her, I hope she knows that we love her as love as we love Faith.

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