Steps For Body Care

Do you have scaly skin?  Try a gentle brush to your skin. You also have to make sure that the brush you are using is made of natural bristles. This is to loose the dead skin to be washed away during bath time. Brush in the direction of the heart, this is to promote good circulation. Choose a cleanser that is fit to your skin type.  There’s a lot of choices out there, for an instant bar soap, there is a bar soap that is anti-bacterial and anti-pimples as well. And moisture for your body washes. You may separate also a cleanser for intimate areas. If your skin is very sensitive, try the hypo allergenic cleanser. Make time for moisturizing your skin even how busy you are and you will gain from it. After bathing, pat skin with a towel and apply a lotion to your skin this would help your skin smooth and supple.

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