School Bag For This School Year

I mentioned yesterday that my friend bought my eldest daughter a new bag. From September 24 to 28 they have big discounts in selected items and buy one take one for some. My friend hurriedly avail the promo and she bought my daughter a new bag. It is nice, even if you would only touch the bag, you can really tell that it is durable and won’t easily ripped. I would like to say thank you Bliss for providing Mj her wishes. Mj is just so happy to receive it; it was indeed an early Christmas gift.

 photo IMG_0075_zpsc95af2aa.jpg

The bag, this is bigger from her usual bag at home and I am crossing my finger that she would really use it at school. As I could remember she doesn’t like roomy and big bag but there is no other size selection except for this one.

 photo IMG_0074_zpsb73e4f7a.jpg

This is the brand, I am not sure if they are still available but you can try it in SNR. The original price is P1, 700.00 but since it is on a discount, you would only pay P999.75.

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