No matter how much I’d like to buy in the mall, I always taken aback because I always think of our budget at home. Believe it or not I only have 3 proper jeans and sometimes I washed and wear them. I have another jeans but those are out of trends already, I don’t wear them most often but since we are traveling I have to bring those lose jeans. On the last day I wore it, and since it is muddy because of the rain I have to fold it up to my knee. My friends just ignore it but when we go out from the sports complex I didn’t notice I am still folding it to my knee and my friends just stopped me. They even told me that even we are out of budget we don’t have to be fashion less. Yes our jeans that we wear are not that fashionable and out of trends, this doesn’t mean that we ourselves will be fashion-less as well. Geez, I really needed to buy a new pair of jeans at least an additional for my 3 pair of jeans but how, while our money is not enough anymore.

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