Don’t Give Up Your Family

Do not give up your family, no matter what.

I just attended a recollection recently. The school of Mj invited the parents to have a recollection, it was Saturday and I keep on telling my daughter to remind me. I know I am so busy on Saturday, as I have to send Faith to her therapy and Kumon afterwards but I can’t let this slipped away. I mean right now I need some enlightenment. I need some thoughts, I need a renewal. The facilitator is funny, even though he tells joke more often, everyone of us can relate and later can meditate. There are moments that I could even say to myself, he is right. At the end of the recollection, among his words, there’s only one thing that it marks in my mind, do not give up your family, no matter what. Even everything is a burden, even they cause you pain and heartaches, even they have not done something good, in the end of the day they are still your family and always be your family. Because amidst of heartaches, pains and burdens they always makes you happy.

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