A New Bag For My Daughter From A Friend

My eldest daughter is just so lucky to have friends who would buy her something. Yesterday when my friend and I went to the mall, we were roaming at the mall then when I mentioned that I have plans to buy Mj a new pack bag since I haven’t bought when the classes starts. She exclaimed right away to buy her a new bag instead of treating her at Vikings to eat. I didn’t know that they have this agreement; she called Mj right away and told her about her plan. Mj said yes immediately and today Mj went with us to buy her a new bag. The bag is available in S&R with discounts, they have this span of weeks in S&R that most of the items have big discounts and one of them is the pack bag, the pack bag is branded and known to be durable. My friend even told me that this is similar to Jansport. Jansport is also known of its quality as well as High Sierra. Mj could not contain her happiness because finally she has a new bag for this year.

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