Be Very Sensitive

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The bench naked truth was held just recently and some organization did not like when one celebrity ramp holding a rope with a woman tied with it. It seems that the women were not presented nicely. Gabriela Silang organization was the first one to protest and demanded for a public apology of the host of the event. It said that the show does not respect women at all. And then afterwards, this shirt was taken by a customer when she noticed the print of the shirt saying “It’s not rape, it’s a snuggle” It went viral and caught the attention of the media. The store removed the T-shirts right away in the display and said that they didn’t know that those shirts were shipped and displayed in the mall. We know that we are in the modernized world but sometimes we have to take aback specially when women are involved. Be very sensitive could not harm anyone at all and won’t lose a dime in your business.


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