The Whole Package Was Not Enjoyed In One Day

It is just so unexpected, I was in the post office to check if my check is there already but I got disappointed. The check is not there then next time I knew, I was there already in the saloon. First I just told the lady that I would like to have a pedicure, the lady said I have to wait because she is attending another customer. So I waited there but I didn’t know I have to wait there for hours, I decided then to have a Foot spa. I feel asleep while waiting and when I woke up they are still not finished yet. I was already uncomfortable because I have a daughter to fetch a little later, 15 minutes later they are done but I would be late if I have to enjoy the whole package. So I just told the lady to have a Foot Spa instead of the whole package. She did the pedicure but the manicure; I asked her if we could do it by the next day. The manager said since she would still be on duty the next day, I can go back to fulfil the whole package.

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