And I Am Tired, So Much Tired

There are times in my life that I want to give up, there are times also that, how I wish I could resign, resign from being a mom perhaps? Or being a wife. I need sometime for myself to think and to re-think. I really hate lying. I always know when someone lies, even one would deny it. I maybe quiet about it but don’t be so sure that you already fooled me because I knew. I guess woman has this strong instinct and they can tell who’s telling the truth or not and in my case, I know so well.

It sinks in to me now, as to why. I can forgive but never forget. It feels like I am not trustworthy because you have to lie to me. And I am so much tired. I don’t know what to do anymore, I knew you are there but I feel like I am alone in this journey. I am totally alone because you just left me. And I am tired, so much tired.

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