Dandruff Problem

I have mentioned here before regarding with having flakes in your hair. How to get rid of it and what are the solutions to just simply take those flakes away from your hair.

First and foremost, get help or simply get some medication right away before it will be serious, that even yourself can’t take anymore. Make sure that the shampoo that you are going to buy has the ingredients of Zinc sulfate, selenium sulfide, sulfur, ketoconazole, sodium chloride or salicylic acid. Try to use varieties of shampoo until you can find the one that’s fit for you.

Sometimes when we shampoo our hair we focus on the hair not the scalp. You have to change these ways. When you put a shampoo focus it in your scalp, massage it not scratch it.

These are only two ways, I will have to post the rest of it on my next post.

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