I Got A Surprise!

It was a surprise when I saw my friend from Dubai last week. She just arrived from Dubai to attend her father’s hospitalization. I was just walking mindlessly in the mall when she called me. She was falling in line in the ATM, when we met unintentionally. Right there and then, she invited me for a coffee. It was only like 2 hours that we chatted and it seems like forever. It is just the time run so fast that we were not able to notice it, before we knew it, it is time for me to fetch Faith and she have to go back to the hospital. We agreed to meet again but unfortunately my time was so hectic during the week and we were not able to see each other again even before she went back to Dubai. It was just 2 hours but it was filled with laughter and lots of talks. How I wish, the laugh would not end there, how I wish I don’t have to go back to the reality. How I wish to just live in a fantasy where dreams are reachable.

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