I Just Don’t Have Time

My friend from Cyber City, keeps on inviting me to at least jog with her or do the cross fit however whenever I would commit my time to go to the gym I just can’t do it. I am not sure if she was disappointed at all when I will always say no. I just don’t have time. My day is all packed up with sending and fetching kids from school and of training, plus I do the cooking and laundry. I wanted to go to the gym but with all the busyness I have at home and outside home, I just don’t have time. Some friends said that I slimmed down, they even asked me what did I do? And honestly I do nothing, I mean nothing at all to slim down I just do my laundry twice a week, wash my car at least once a week, do the cleaning of the house every day and driving my kids each day. I guess this is not a secret at all to those moms who are so busy also at home like me.

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