The Art Of Letting Go

Broken Heart is sometimes so hard to fix, one day, one morning we would say “I will be alright today” but in the end of the day we know we can’t because we are still holding on that the one we loved would be knocking in our door begging us to stay. It is hard to let go when we still hope that everything can be fall into place and that this time fate is in our side and that fate could be bringing the one that we loved. It is already one week and yet he is still nowhere, 168 hour has been passed and we can’t still hear him on our doorsteps.

We can try to be alright, throwing things that could bring memories of him but each one of them, each throw would bring us one tear and a bleeding heart. This is not the end of the world, somebody has uttered that, we can still move on, one advised us that; we just have to embrace the change of commitment. How can we do that? How can we let go when we are still holding on.

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