Be Fit And Fab

Being Simple and Natural

I know being a career woman or a career Mom the schedule is not that lose at all. But even how hectic is your schedule you should find some time to relax. You can go out in a weekend to make or meet some friends, this is one way to unwind, or visit some friend’s house and talk, to relieve your day to day stress at work. You should not complicate all your busyness to stay pretty. You don’t need heavy make ups to stay or look marvelous but keep it simple and natural. You see if you put more chemicals in your face you would look more old, yes you can be pretty when you put a heavy make-up but these make ups can get you side effects. And you try to observe, if you don’t wear make ups at all, your skin will be saggy and looks so unhealthy. If you have to wear make-up every day for your work, light make up can do and not the heavy one.

I remember this word from a friend says “Real beauty comes from within, if you feel beautiful and with a great personality that makes you even more beautiful. Let your natural beauty shine through your being genuine in every aspect. Be yourself and everyone shall make you stay.

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