The Busy Mom Is A Professional Driver Too

It is late already, I am too tired from doing laundry this morning, cooking breakfast, do some house chores, sending Faith to school, picking her up, sending Mj to the pool and picking her up. Almost every night I am a total knock out, I would crawl over my bed to sleep but why I am still here, oh well I don’t have time for tomorrow. Tomorrow is the competition of Mj for her swimming. And I will be driving there, the place is a bit far, actually it is already outside Davao City. I supposed not to drive there but I have to try it otherwise I can’t overcome my fear to drive in a far place. I also wanna try it so I should have an ample of rest for the big day tomorrow not only for my daughter but for me as the official driver. If I could ever make it, I could already say to myself that I am indeed a professional driver.

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