Don’t Stop Dating, Simpler Ways Can do

I have two kids, the eldest is a grown up already even though how I put in my mind that she is still my baby but I have to accept the fact that she is now a teenager. I am just here at home taking good care of my kids, and so I already forgot how to date, yes I’m a happy married wife however I realized that sometimes we need also to go out with our husband alone for a date. It is time for starting fresh together, I mean my husband and I never dated already since we have baby Faith, we just spend our life together at home with kids and when we go out, it is always with them. Dating with our husband for once in a while can also help us to find a way to make spark fly again.

Here are some tips to find an exciting moment even you still have little kids with you, or teenagers that you would always worry for. Remember not to stop dating, I mean dating is not always you have to spend more money or to go to an extravagant restaurant, simpler date can do to rekindle yourselves, do not forget that even though you are covered with baby spit ups, your husband would still think that you are the most beautiful woman on earth and he is lucky because he have you always.

So you are a stay at home mom, why don’t you watch for deals online. Deals for dining perhaps, I am sure you will get some discounts over the Internet; you just have to be resourceful when searching for promos in dining.

You can also note down not so expensive dates, like going to the ice cream parlor or spend time together in the massage treats. If you don’t have enough budgets for small treats, you can save like a peso a day would not harm your pocket at all. Then when you are ready for a date with your husband you can get the budget from your piggy bank or saving jar.

Spend at home sometimes alone, if the grandparents of your kids are still alive you could send your kids there for a night. I am sure you are not only giving yourself a treat but your parents or parents in law as well. I am sure they miss their grandchildren a lot. You can return home with DVD’s on hand and treat your husband for movie marathon at home, or prepare your table with candles and home cooked dinner.

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