The Interview Is Done

Last week, I was text by one company for assessment and interview for today, I thought I just ignored it because I didn’t expect them to text me, I mean I forgot the name of the company I applied for before. The assessment was hard, it was so tricky. It was my first for so many years to have a written exam like they have. To be honest I am not expecting for it anymore, they interviewed me still though, I mean they did not check my exam yet. So far the interview was good, I mean I was just being true that I’d like the job and I want the day shift. I told them that I can no longer survive in graveyard shift; I got sick when I tried it last month.

The interviewer said they will just review the result of my exam and they will just inform me through text when is the date for the training. They will just text me if I pass or not, I am hoping they will give my application a chance, I really need it for now. I am crossing my finger that I can still get “in” for this job.

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