Another Interview On Monday

Summer is almost over, and I thought after summer I will pass our training just like before but I decided to stop. It is hard when you are already aged, you can’t cope up anymore with sleeping in daytime. Yes, last night I decided not to continue my training, anyway to cut the story short, when we went to SM today, and I scanned the messages in my phone, I noticed this number it has a message saying that they would like to assess and interview me. I already forgot the company’s name because it has been a while that I sent out my resume to them, I also just ignore the message last May 27 because I really and totally forgot about it, only then today that I realized, this was the company that I submitted before the TP. I tried to messaged them and said I am ready for assessment, I was hoping a little bit that they would still like to interview me, because according to the message I should be interviewed on May 28, after ¬†while it replies and said they are willing to interview me on Monday!

What I love for this company, I mean this call center, the shifting of schedule is morning. So I am hoping they would give me a chance to train for the account otherwise I might just attend my kids then.

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