Thank You For The Gifts Mabel!

I am just so happy today because I was able to see my long-time friend from Dubai; she messaged me this morning that she will be coming to Davao with her son. She has to get some requirements for her son’s passport because she is planning to bring him someday in Dubai. So after the Kumon session of my two kids we went to the mall right away, actually I still have an appointment from other mall before I went to the mall that we agreed to meet.

She treats us for lunch all the three of us. Faith of course was so happy because she was able to eat again in her favorite fast food chain, Jollibee. My friend also gave me some gift a nice classy red bag and some chocolates. I sent them to NSO office in Cabaguio before my kids and I went to the other mall to have a picture taking with the Bone Museum.

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